Java Games

Pyramid Solitaire

Easy to learn and deceptively simple, Pyramid is a very strategic version of Solitaire. Remove all the cards from the pyramid and the stock pile in pairs that total 13. Aces are 1, Jacks 11, Queens 12, and Kings 13. This means that Kings do not need to be paired to be removed. Only pyramid cards that are completely uncovered can be removed from the table. Cards from the stock pile are turned over one at a time. When a new card is turned over, the last card is moved to the waste pile. Both the top card of the waste pile and the card turned over from the stock pile can be used in making pairs of 13. They can be combined with each other or with an uncovered card from the pyramid to make 13. Two pyramid cards may also be removed if they total 13. It is possible to go through the stock pile 3 times during a game. Remove all the cards from the pyramid and deck in pairs that total 13.