James Arthur's nervous disposition

James Arthur

James Arthur has had a ''nervous disposition'' ever since he was a young child.
The 'Say You Won't Let Go' hitmaker's troubled past saw him wanting to commit suicide after being dropped from Simon Cowell's Syco label in 2013 and he also battled with a drug addiction, but he admits if he didn't have music to channel his troubles into he'd be severely depressed.
He admitted: ''I'm in a better place. But I think I'm always going to have those struggles.
''Unfortunately, from a young age I've had this kind of nervous disposition and music's the way that I've always channeled that energy.
''If not, then I'd have got myself into trouble. I've spoken out of turn and I've gotten myself into addiction. It's kind of something that's tormented me throughout my life - my struggle with anxiety, which has led to depression I guess.''
The 28-year-old hunk has revealed that it was his mother who persuaded him to audition for 'The X Factor' in the UK, and that he didn't want to go on the show.
He told PEOPLE magazine: ''Where I'm from, I did lots of gigs and tried very hard to make a living off of music and I struggled.
''Out of nowhere my 'X Factor' journey happened, basically because I needed some money to put some electricity on. I asked my mom if she would loan me some money, and she said, 'Yeah, I will if you go audition for 'The X Factor.'''
James hopes he can inspire other youngsters to achieve their dreams even if they feel unattainable.
On being in a better place, he added: ''I don't punish myself as much as I used to. I'm very focused on my music now and inspiring other people with my story. I feel like I've climbed to the top of a very big mountain - one that felt like it was unreachable.''