Liam Gallagher reveals he likes to 'chase squirrels'

Liam Gallagher reveals he likes to

Liam Gallagher likes to ''chase squirrels'' when he's not in the recording studio.
The 44-year-old rock star has recently returned to the spotlight after taking a break from the music business, and Liam has revealed the unusual ways he keeps himself entertained when he's not indulging his love of recording.
Asked what he does in his free time, Liam replied: ''I moan, kick things, spit at things all sorts of things, swear a lot, kicking like a fence or an iron gate.
''I drink a lot, eat a lot, get fat, go for a run and try to chase squirrels to lose it again.''
Liam's solo album 'As You Were' is set for release in October and the controversial rocker has revealed the meaning behind the name of the record.
He told Beats 1: ''Apparently it's something to do with the military, when you stand for attention.
''For me it's back to doing what I do. As you were, back in business whether it's successful or not. I am back to music and singing songs, so, as you were.''
Liam released his new single 'Wall of Glass' earlier this year and admitted he's a big fan of his own tune.
He said: ''I think it's pretty ripping. I like it.''
Earlier this month, meanwhile, Liam revealed he recruited Pete Doherty's bassist Drew McConnell because he's ''f***ing talented''.
The former Oasis star said Drew was a perfect fit for his band because he has to have been ''pretty headstrong'' to be in Babyshambles with Pete.
Liam explained: ''I'd never met Drew before and you know - he's f***ing talented. He's played with The La's, Drew, so he's obviously talented.
''To keep the f***ing Babyshambles thing going he's gotta be pretty headstrong, you know what I mean.''