HTML5 Games

Tommy The Monkey Pilot

Super brave Tommy the Monkey Pilot on his quest to save all the balloons for his friend! Tommy’s girlfriend Tina had a bunch of colorful balloons. The evil storm clouds caused the whole bunch of balloons to scatter and escape into the sky. Seeing how sad Tina is about it, Tommy jumps into his triplane and scramble to get all the balloons for her. The only thing is that Tommy is a monkey, and monkeys usually make not very good pilots. Our hero can only turn his plane in one direction! Simply tap on the screen to make Tommy turn the plane up. You can fly into the screen edges to flip the direction. Gather all the balloons on the screen to finish the level. Don’t let Tommy fly into the evil stormy clouds - that will damage his plane and Tommy will fall down! Sometime there would be a star flying through the screen - grab those, as you would be able to buy upgrades and new planes with those shiny stars. Be brave and quick and get all the balloons for Tina!