B-Secure Tracker

Protect your device and your information with our B-Secure Tracker mobile security app. Our tracking system utilizes a mobile application supported by a web portal for real-time tracking and locating of mobile devices. Log in to the web portal to monitor the location of your device and trigger remote commands. Information is sent direct to your email so you can track and locate your device from anywhere in the world. Here are the remote commands you can trigger: • Pinpoint the co-ordinates of your device and view on Google Maps. • Create a geofence to monitor device location and be notified when it leaves the defined perimeter. • Remote data wiping of all Google contacts, SMS, the contents of your SD card and all multimedia content. • Photograph with front and back facing camera. • Audio and video recording of up to 10 seconds. • Automatically lock screen every 2 seconds. • Trigger device alarm noises